On this site I try to bring back the recent history of F1 racing. A lot of teams used to compete in races that are now sadly gone. But the memory on them still remains, although a bit blurry. So I decided to make a blogs to remember the past seasons! On this blog you can find pictures from 2000 season. If you are interested in any other season check the left side with more blog links. Please leave comments and enjoy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First Post

Here on these blog I will try to upload all the pictures of F1 2000 season. The blog will consist of all the teams who have competed in these season. There will be a LOT of pictures and I will try to name every single one of them. For easier search I will include a search button so you can get most of my blog! I say now comments are very appreciated and I am looking forward to see them.

I really hope you like these blog, so I know my effort has not gone to waste.

And I must say I will put up blogs of every F1 season from 2000 to 2007. The present 2008 season is all ready up, and you can see it here (Pictures and News surrounding the F1)

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